I truly love yoga. It is what makes me feel calm and centered, yet energized. To put it like Tara Stiles says “Yoga cures”. It is the perfect way to get in touch with yourself and to just calm down. I have not always been a yoga-lover though and I am  aware of how it might seem like a very hard activity to get into, with the breathing, various poses and their odd Indian sanskrik names.


Initially I though yoga was a quite strange activity, with a lot of men in Speedos and weird chanting. I also belonged to the group that were under the impression that yoga was not a proper workout…  I am so fortunate as to having a quite non-traditional introduction to yoga, and I think that is the reason I got hooked. It all started with Bob Harper’s yoga DVD called “Yoga For The Warrior”. It was intense and challenging, and after that I wanted to do more. I continued doing this DVD almost everyday for weeks before I started looking around for some variety. That is when I discovered The Ultimate Yogi program.

It is an intense 108 day program, that revolves around doing between 60-90 minutes yoga and 10-30 minutes meditation every single day. Last year, on the 12th of October, I started a quite intense yoga program. I will not go into very much details on this here, but you can read my Day 1 post here. I finished this program the 28th of January 2013, and now that I am finished I feel like I know enough yoga to do it on my own without a DVD. It is incredibly refreshing to just put on my yoga playlist, roll out my mat and start moving however I feel like. I am still working on writing my final Day 108 post, but when it is finished I will post the link here.


I created this page to make it very easy to navigate through my previous posts on yoga, and I will continuously add in links every time I write one about this subject.



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I know it is not exactly a lot of posts as of the current moment but I will do my absolute best to post them very soon. My main focus on this blog is still to share healthy vegan and gluten-free recipes, but I truly hope I will have more time in the future to write more about health and yoga. Feel free to keep checking in on this page to see whenever something new is posted!




15 Responses to Yoga

  1. Pamela Urbas says:

    I love your recipes!

  2. Lucie says:

    I can’t find your tumblr link!

  3. Markfurz says:

    Your recipes are awesome! I love you.

  4. T says:

    Do you have the program available as yet

  5. Fink says:

    Dear Solveig, thank you for building such a wonderful blog!!! I’m going to try out your leek and mushroom quiche for Sunday afternoon teatime. I just want to make a comment on yoga. The devil is a wiley character, and will do anything to get you to bow down and worship him, and one of the ways he does it is via yoga. He wont go up to you and ask you to worship him because he knows you wont. Instead, he tricks people into it. There are lots of other ways he gets people to worship him (without them realising it). Another way is via celebrities. I wont go on. But be aware, yoga is a religion and it’s not good for your spirit nor your soul.

    • Cheri says:

      How was the quiche? I would like to give it a try.

      I just wanted to offer up a different point of view on your previous comment. Yoga is a moving meditation with your body and the present moment. Please do no be fearful of this ancient practice . Yoga is part of the medical system of ancient india. It was designed to bring our bodies and minds back into balance.

      • Fink says:

        Cheri! Try the quiche! You wont regret it. I use spelt flour (which does contain gluten) and regular tofu which is a bit cheaper but works really well. I am not at all fearful of yoga. I am simply aware of where it comes from. I understand what it is supposed to do, but really it is not good to be involved in a religion (Hinduism) which worship idols. Idolatry comes from the … look, there are 3 heavens. The first heaven is the sky which you see when you look up. Beyond that is the second heaven which is ruled by satan and the third heaven is ruled by the one true God who made you and I and the entire universe. Satan has a lot of power to get people to worship him and mostly he’ll be deceptive about it. If you want to get into balance, get with Jesus! :D And have an encounter with the Holy Spirit.

    • Haha, what? Like the majority of Scandinavians, I am an atheist and I do not believe in a god nor a devil, and certainly no vague terms like “spirit” and “soul” (at least not in the immortal definition of the words). I look at yoga simply as a relaxing exercise method, one which I enjoy immensely. I sincerely hope this comment was a joke or else I would have to question your sanity.

      I hope you enjoyed the quiche nonetheless!

  6. Fink says:

    The quiche is indescribably good! I’m eating my second attempt at making one right now. Yum! First time I enjoyed it with some teens and they liked it (good sign). I used bell peppers and leeks for them and today I made it with leeks and mushrooms. Even better than last time. Drool!!! Thanks for your comments about yoga. Yoga has become ubiquitous in Europe. Even fitness experts from athletics to pilates include yoga in their programmes. Nevertheless, Yoga is a religious act. It has its roots in Hinduism. Whether you believe in Hinduism or not, you are practising at least a part of that religion when you do yoga. The reason why I say it is, (for the sake of argument), not spiritually sound is because Hindus worship cows and rivers etc…. Also being a vegan has its roots in religion. I read one source supporting this. It has its roots in esoteric religious thoughts. Don’t you wonder why so many vegans do yoga? Why do health food stores’ noticeboards always have esoteric messages from reike to past life channelling etc…? It all has it’s roots in the new age which is part of the new world order which has it’s roots in, for the sake of argument, darkness.

  7. Joanne says:

    You have so many delicious recipes to try.You put me to shame as I am nearly twice your age and have never made as many dishes as you have posted on here.I will enjoy trying them out.As someone who is fond of sometimes doing yoga I had to laugh at the comment someone said about the devil using it as a way to tempt you….lol.

  8. Dan Smith says:

    Hi, I really enjoy your website. I’m interested in the Ultimate Yogi program but was curious what the schedule entails. Can you provide a link to the schedule or scan it in for us to see? Thanks! Dan