Why Vegan?

One of the most asked question I get is without a doubt, why do I choose to be a vegan? By now I have been a vegan for long that my initial response is "Why would I not be a vegan?". The benefits are inarguable, and I am still somewhat in awe that so many people have not come to the same realization as me. However, I recognize that the only way to convince people of your views is by educating them, without them feeling like you are pushing your opinions on them. Now, just to set the record straight, I whole-heartily accept your right to have a different opinion than me. We are all human, and if we are being completely realistic we will never agree on everything at all times. 

But in today's society it seems as though expressing your thoughts on specific matters, gives you the staple of showing your opinions down other's throats. I think that it is sad that it has come to this, especially on a subject like this. After all, people consuming meat and animal products affect everyone in the world. The environmental consequences have now become too great to ignore, and not to mention the animals welfare. 

When I was a vegetarian I used to live in the happy little illusion that as long as I was not consuming any animals directly, I was not inflicting any pain on them whatsoever (I mainly wanted to believe this so I would not have to give up cheese and yogurt… Sad, but true). It seems that most people embrace that ignorance is bliss. But after really looking at the facts it dawned upon me that eating egg and dairy-products does affect the animals, more than I ever believed before. 

Personally I have three main reasons as to why I follow a cruelty-free, vegan lifestyle:

~ Animals
~ Environment 
 ~ Health

For all the people out there who believe that eating animal products does not in negatively affect the animals, you are sadly mistaken. Just take a look at for example the dairy-industry. To give you a reality check on how this works in the "traditional" factory farms, the cows are artificially inseminated and when they give birth two things can happen. If the calf is a female then it will have to endure the same fate as the mother, which is living in horrible conditions and being forced to produce milk (which is NOT natural for them after the calf has aged!). If the calf is a male on the other hand, it practically gets sentenced to death by becoming veil. I could honestly rant on and on about this topic, but I find that this essay really sums it all up. If you are a vegetarian or animal-lover, please take the time to read it. It will truly change your perspective on this!

“Perhaps in the back of our minds we already understand, without all the science I've discussed, that something terribly wrong is happening. Our sustenance now comes from misery. We know that if someone offers to show us a film on how our meat is produced, it will be a horror film. We perhaps know more than we care to admit, keeping it down in the dark places of our memory-- disavowed. When we eat factory-farmed meat we live, literally, on tortured flesh. Increasingly, that tortured flesh is becoming our own.” 
Jonathan Safran FoerEating Animals

As for the environmental aspect, I find that it is pretty obvious. The meat, egg and dairy industry is the number 1 source of pollution and every time we buy any animal products we are directly supporting that. To put it into perspective, if all Americans would stop eating meat for one day every week it would be like removing 19,2 million cars off the road for one whole year! For more detailed information about this check out this article.

"About 2,000 pounds of grains must be supplied to livestock in order to produce enough meat and other livestock products to support a person for a year, whereas 400 pounds of grain eaten directly will support a person for a year. Thus, a given quantity of grain eaten directly will feed 5 times as many people as it will if it is eaten indirectly by humans in the form of livestock products.…"
~ M.E. Ensminger, PhD

Now, I know that there still is a lot of people out there who believe that for optimal health you need to eat animal-products. I constantly hear people proclaim that they would lose all muscle if they were not eating meat, and that without dairy-products they would not get enough calcium. It is only natural that we would believe that because growing up we have constantly been told that milk is necessary for growing strong bones. But if you take a look at the actual facts surrounding the calcium argument you will find that this is not only misleading, but absolutely wrong.

Did you know that the countries that consume the most dairy products (such as US, UK, Norway (yikes!), Sweden etc.) is also the countries that has the highest risk of osteoporosis? 

Osteoporosis, as you might now, is a medical condition in which the bones become brittle and fragile from loss of tissue, typically as a result of hormonal changes, or deficiency of calcium or vitamin D. But wait a second, should the calcium in milk prevent this from occurring? Well, the short answer is no. The calcium in milk has an absorption of only around 33%, whereas the calcium in some leafy greens, such as kale, broccoli and spinach, is all the way up at around 70%! 

It should not really surprise you though, if you ask yourself why does cows produce milk in the first place. Despite popular believes, cows do not just magically produce milk just for the fun of it (I actually thought this growing up..). Cows only produce milk to feed their calves, just like humans and most other animals. You do not regularly hear adults going around talking about that delicious mother's milk cheese sandwich they just ate. Usually people gets grossed out just at the thought of that. But why are they then so nonchalant about eating and drinking the cow's milk? It really goes to show how cruel tradition can be, and how it affects everyone.

So far I have planned making separate posts where I provide the actual facts on some popular arguments against veganism, and I welcome you to write in the comment section below your thoughts and arguments about this topic. I would love for you to join the discussion!

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  1. Fantastiskt fin blogg, Solveig! Jag är så glad att jag har hittat den! Varenda recept ser helt fantastiskt ut! Jag är vegetarian och äter inte socker eller gluten, så din blogg passar mig perfekt... Försöker att dra ned på övriga animaliska produkter också...
    Jag skall baka några av dina smaskiga kakor i helgen! De ser helt delicious ut...

    1. Så bra at du liker bloggen Michaela, og jeg håper at du finner oppskriftene hjelpsomme i ditt ønske å kutte ned på andre animalske produkter! Også ønsker jeg deg lykke til med kakebakst til helgen, og fortell meg hvordan du likte det :)

  2. Utrolig bra skrevet! Gleder meg til å lage noen av oppskriftene dine :)

    1. Tusen takk for kommentaren, Gina, og jeg håper du liker oppskriftene :)

  3. Utrolig bra skrevet! Gleder meg til å lage noen av oppskriftene dine :)


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