Fitness and being active is a huge part of my life, and I have a certain love for two specific things, and I wish to share them. Running and yoga. As time passes I will hopefully be able to do some reviews and recommendations for people looking for good (and hard) workout dvds and routines. As I write them, I will add it in under here! 

I will start off with just generally explaining my workout schedule. Keep in mind though that I have worked my way up to the current quantity, and whenever starting an exercise program you have to ease into it (and/or consult your doctor if you have any concerns). I generally used to split it up to having 3 cardio days, 3 strength days and 1 yoga day (I often did strength-focused yoga on my strength days), but as I wrote about in this post I have just started a 108 day program consisting of yoga every single day (you can read more about this on my Yoga page). I still do not want to stop running though so currently I try to stick to:

60-80 minutes yoga - every day
30-60 minutes running (between 5-10 km) - three times a week

Currently yoga has taken over my strength training, which usually was HIITs (high intensity interval training), but I still have a lot of routines I wish to share and dvds that I want to review. Therefore I will let it have it's own category, even though I currently do not do this on a regular basis (simply do not have the energy or time when following the schedule above).

So without further a due, feel free to click below for either categories you wish to read.


(I will add to each category as time goes by, and I get to writing it!)

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