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I will be the first to admit that I stalk a lot of people.. I love reading other people's blogs for inspiration and there are so many amazing vegan blogs out there. Below I have listed a sort of "blogroll" featuring all of the vegan blogs I personally follow, both recipe blogs and those who mainly focus on other important aspects about a vegan lifestyle. 

(And just so this page would not be completely without any pictures I added a random photo of my dog)

Vegan Lifestyle Blogs:
I am absolutely in love with her ig-account, and I greatly appreciate all the hard work she obviously puts into each and every post. She presents great information about all things vegan, and if you have not already I would definitely recommend you check her out!
Veganfoodshare is an amazing instagram-account that consist of food-shots sent in by vegans all over the world. It is a great source of inspiration, and it really helps bringing the vegan community together.

Other vegan recipe blogs:
These blogs are probably two of the most well-known healthy vegan blogs out there today, and I am so inspired whenever I look at their posts. I could only imagine one day maybe being as successful as they are, and I am in awe of how incredible their photos are and the amount of work they put into making good recipes.

Fitness blogs:
Zuzana was one of the co-founders of, where she hosted several workout-videos, and she now has her own website coming up very soon. If you are struggling to find the proper workout motivation, I really recommend you check out her workouts called ZWOWs (Zuzana's workout of the week). They are intense, short and a lot of fun!

This is mainly my stalker-list for now, but I will continue to update with more blogs as I discover them!

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