Simple Raw Vegan Brownies with Icing

Simple Raw Vegan Brownies with Icing

Simple Raw Vegan Brownies with Icing


To this date, one of my most popular recipes are the Raw Vegan Brownies. Although I love that recipe very much as it is, I have gotten countless of emails requesting a recipe which does not call for coconut butter. While it pains me to throw coconut butter under the bus like this (I am very fond of it), wishing to omit that particular ingredient is easy to understand. 

There are certainly times when making it from scratch is a bit too time consuming for me as well. It requires a strong food processor to get the job done properly, and even then it will take you a solid 10-15 minutes just to make the coconut butter. I have found myself quite frequently tweaking the recipe, simply to skip the rather tiresome preparations called for. Since apparently a lot of you were thinking the same thing; a conclusion reached judging by the sheer amount of requests, I figured it was about time I shared the simpler variation.


Like you can see in one of the photographs, I served these with some fresh raspberries and whipped coconut cream. The latter is not raw, but I do think it makes a tasty addition nonetheless.


Simple Raw Vegan Brownies with Icing


Simple Raw Vegan Brownies

makes 10 squares


  • 2 cups raw walnuts *
  • 2 cups pitted dates
  • 1/2 cup raw cacao powder
  • 6 tbsp raw almond butter *
  • 1 tsp vanilla extract (not raw and optional)
  • a pinch of salt



1. Place walnuts in a food processor and process until they have a crumbly texture. Add in the dates and continue until you have a somewhat sticky dough. Finally, add in the remaining ingredients and run until the mixture is well-combined.


2. Once the dough is finished transfer it into a small loaf pan, lined with parchment, and press it down firmly using clean hands. Make the icing like written below and spread an even amount all over the cake. Place this in the fridge for at least 4 hours, preferably over-night, before serving. If you are in a time-crunch, you can get away with placing it in the freezer for 1 hour before serving.

After that, simply lift up the parchment and slice it up into squares!


Simple Raw Vegan Brownies with Icing

Simple Raw Vegan Brownies with Icing

Simple Raw Vegan Brownies with Icing


Raw Chocolate Icing

makes approx. 2 cups icing


  • 1 cup dates
  • 1/2 cup raw cashews
  • 3/4 – 1 cup water
  • 4 tbsp raw cacao powder



1. Place all the ingredients, starting out with using 3/4 cup water, in a food processor and process until you have a smooth mixture. If the icing is looking a bit grainy add in another 1/4 cup water for a total of 1 cup. Store in the fridge until usage.



Additional notes (*):

  • For the brownies you can use any other type of raw nuts at a pinch, but the nut that will provide you with the most neutral taste as well as the best “buttery” consistency is hands-down the walnuts. Another option would be to use an 1:1 ratio of walnuts and either almonds, pecans or hazelnuts.
  • The same rule applies to the almond butter. Any nut butter can be used instead. If you are not overly concerned with making these fully raw, a delicious alternative would be to use 100% natural peanut butter!


Simple Raw Vegan Brownies with Icing


And with that, I will wrap this post up! Best wishes to you all and enjoy your brownies!




  1. Kristina says

    I have made your original raw brownies many times as they taste DE-VINE!!! (Although I normally cheat and use melted store bought coconut butter as I am too lazy to bother making it from scratch hehe) honestly I deem them the best brownies I have ever had (when they are in my freezer they magically seem to disappear in the blink of an eye so I just HAVE to make another batch right?) Other baked brownies I had tried seem to turn out odd :/ Anyway I adore your site and have had amazed reactions from non-vegan, health-concious eaters (think picky kids and very skeptical teenage friends) So I just like to say a huge thankyou for all your work! You should be extremely proud of these amazingly delicious whilst still heathy (and cruelty-free!) recipes! ( Oh and I guess I’ll be running off to the kitchen to test out this updated recipe!)

    • says

      I am so happy to hear you found the previous brownies to your liking! They are certainly by far one of my go-to recipes. They never seem to last long in this household either! Oh and you are lucky you can find melted coconut butter at the store. I always have to make it from scratch haha :)

      Fingers crossed you like this recipe as well!

  2. Jami says

    Thank you sooo much for this website! I’ve been vegan for years and I love cooking, but I don’t often have a lot of time. Your recipes are unbelievably tasty and yet I often find them to be a quick alternative to some complex cookbooks (that don’t taste nearly as good as yours!). I always get compliments when I use your recipes so I just wanted to say keep up the amazing work! If/when you finish a cookbook, I will be the first to buy it. :)

    • says

      Thank you so much for the sweet comment! I am so glad to hear you are enjoying the recipes here. Nothing makes me happier than to hear that! And who knows, maybe I’ll get a chance to write a cookbook some time in the future ;)

  3. Sunniva says

    Looks delicious! I usually make my coconut butter in the Vitamix, it takes only a minute. However, sometimes the blender gets a bit hot, so I’d like to make it in the food processor as well.

    • says

      That’s right! I completely forgot about the Vitamix, haha. That tool is beyond effective. I have one, but sadly I lost one of the parts. I’m waiting for it to be sent to me so I can get back to using it instead. Saves a lot of time!

  4. says

    Mmmmm,…your rawfristed raw brownies look to die for,…really appetizing too. Today, I made your latest banana muffins & they were a huge hit,…mmmmmmmm. Thanks again!

  5. Pat says

    Wow! They look yummy! What’s the weather like in Norway? Lot’s of snow? These would give you comfort on a cold day! :)

  6. Choi KK says

    Hello. I subscribed to your newsletter. I like to ask is 6 tbsp raw almond butter * a replacement for butter?
    Many chefs who are do not use egg or egg less recipes used large amount of butter to replace eggs.

    • says

      So happy to hear you’ve decided to subscribe! I use almond butter simply to add a “buttery” taste to it. This is achieved due to the high fat content of nuts. It cannot be used as a direct substitute for other regular recipes though, if that was what you were wondering about!

  7. Bryan Heil says

    I haven’t tried to make any of your recipes yet. I just drop in every now and then to stare at the pictures and drool. I’m kind of a boring vegan and mostly eat fruit, salads, brown rice, and GF pasta, but I am beginning to expand my culinary horizons. Maybe I’ll give a few of them a shot soon. Nasmaste.

  8. kimthevegan says

    Wow… I kinda want to make these right now. The only thing stopping me is the fact that it’s 9:30pm and I will be up ALL NIGHT if I make & eat them now ;p
    Tomorrow on the other hand…

  9. Faye says

    HI Solveig

    I’ve just only found your website and recipes. I have been on gluten-free diet for last 6 months – its made huge strides in my health, but although i am skinny, I have lost weight as i am struggling to find things to eat, adn missign my desserts.
    So I Am excited to try them out soon.

    I have a question though – I also cannot eat any nuts (the full range – peanuts, cashews, almonds.. etc). Whats an alternative that you can suggest, in this recipe, as well as your pie crusts. PS! in the short-term, I am open to using butter and oil varieties and eggs.

    Many Thanks and kind regards,

    • says

      Ouch, that is a bit of a difficult situation. I would say that in pie crusts, you can experiment with using ground oats instead of nuts, but be prepared that the taste will be a bit grainier. It is nonetheless a very easy alternative. In this specific recipe I would say it would be almost impossible to make it without any nuts… I have no experience baking with butter, oil or eggs, so I cannot be much help in that department either :/

      You can always look through my nut-free tag here for some ideas:

      Hopefully this helped a little bit! :)

  10. says

    These were super easy to make. The coconut butter is not hard to make at all if you have a food processor its a cinch and the coconut butter is delicious and useful in lots of cooking for the week. The brownies were a huge hit – even with my non-vegan friends. I will be making a lot of these. Thanks!

  11. Victoria says

    Wow. I made these tonight and my boyfriend and I agree they are the most delicious brownies we have ever had! Seriously sensational. I used raw organic peanut butter instead of almond butter, and added some pumpkin seeds and raisins in at the end (not blended) for some extra texture, was so delicious! Can’t wait to try more of your recipes!

  12. Sam says

    Thank you for this fantastic recipe! I just tried this for the first time today and really love it. These brownies taste amazing and it’s unbelievable they are raw/vegan/glutenfree. Keep up the good work! The world needs more people like you :D

  13. Denise says

    Hey Solveig,

    these look sooo delicious! saturdays are my baking days and i’ll sure give these brownies a try this saturday! :)
    could you tell me one thing: is it possible to freeze the brownies and eat them again? :o

  14. Amy D says

    Hi Solveig,

    I’m going to try out these brownies tomorrow, they look DE-LICious! Unfortunately, my 2 yr old daughter is allergic to cashew nuts. Could I use almonds or walnuts to replace the cashews in the icing? I wouldn’t want her missing out on these!


  15. Abby says

    Holy crap I ate so much of the batter it’s amazing there’s any left to make the brownie! Ditto with the icing :P
    Love love LOVE this one Solveig, thanks!
    P.S. I used cashews instead of walnuts & peanut butter, and added some desiccated coconut…divine :)

  16. Sam Carter says

    Wow, these are really good! The brownies turned out a little bit dry, but still flavorful. The icing is scrumptious! No one can believe they don’t contain flour, dairy, nor eggs!

  17. Lotte says

    I’s really love to try these, but a few questions first. Can I stick it in the freezer for several days? And how long before eating them should I take it out?

  18. Lieke says

    Omg, this raw brownie is super delicious! It’s really rich and the two different layers really take it to the next level. The icing didn’t turn hard, so it was nice and creamy. The bottom layer is super decadent. My foodprocessor had a hard time processing the brownie layer, so i ended up kneading it with my hands. I used peanut butter instead of raw almond butter and used a bit more cacao, because I like it bitter hehe. I also soaked my cashews overnight prior to processing them into the icing. This made it much easier and the end result was creamy and not grainy at all, plus it boosts the nutritional stats of the nut as well! I’m not a raw foodie, so I also roasted the walnuts slightly to bring out their nutty flavor. I found the raspberries a great addition to this brownie, they made the dish a little bit more mellow and zingy. All in all, great recipe, this brownie is definitely in my top three! Thank you for sharing!

  19. daiadaia says

    Hi, I have made the brownies twice already and we simply love them, we find them absolutely gorgeous! I also made the nutella and it is also wonderful. The next ones on the list are the buckwheat pancakes:) Thank you so much for sharing these wonderful recipes with us.

    All the best

  20. Theodora says

    This was amazing! I made if for my bday yesterday, since I have a friend who has diabetes T1 and she shouldn’t be eating sugar or flour. All my friends loved it, even my parents who hated the idea of a raw vegan cake. Nobody could believe there was no sugar in it!!

    Just a note, which I assume goes without saying but I feel I should mention: cut everything in small pieces FIRST, or grind each ingredient on each own beforehand. I used 3 different mixers because there was smoke coming out of each one! Unless you have an extremely strong food processor, any small one will really struggle to grind everything together.

    But I guess you learn that after making your first vegan dessert! It was probably the most difficult dessert I’ve ever made (and I’ve made many!), even though I picked it because it mentioned “simple”on the title!


    • Theodora says

      OK looks like I measured the cocoa for the icing wrong last time too, it was still great but maybe too thick. I made it a second time (in less than a week!) and measured everything correctly, and also I cut EVERYTHING into pieces and blended them in batches, and it looks divine!! Thanks again xx

  21. Andy says

    These are amazing. I’ve started a new job in a cafe looking to get some more healthy dessert options on the menu. I’m trying out a coconut butter icing with berries on top :) Thank you for your inspiration and hope to see more recipes from you it’s a great help!

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