Whipped Coconut Cream

Whipped Coconut Cream


From my previous recipes, you might have heard about how much I love whipped coconut cream. If you have not tried it before, now is the time. All you need is a can of full-fat coconut milk and a dash of vanilla essence. I like to add in a small pinch of maldon salt, but this is completely optional. Oddly enough, considering that the cream is based on coconut milk, you can only taste the slightest hint of coconut. I am positive that if you serve this to non-vegans as well they will hardly be able to tell the difference. If anything, this tastes a bit lighter than the regular version and you will certainly feel a lot better after eating it. If you are serving this as a condiment next to spicy Indian food, do not add in the vanilla. Skipping that and you will have a more savory cream.


Some of my recipes I always serve whipped coconut cream with includes; Blackberry Pie, Hot Chocolate and Waffles. There are plenty more options that would taste amazing, but those were the ones I can name from the top of my head. Basically you can use this for any recipe, dish or occasion ( Whipped Coconut Cream ) where you would use regular whipped cream. Besides being an unprocessed and vegan option of whipped cream, this is also so much healthier for you.


Whipped Coconut Cream


Whipped Coconut Cream

makes 2 cups


  • 1 can of full-fat coconut milk
  • 1/2 tsp vanilla essence
  • a pinch of maldon salt



1. Place the coconut milk in the fridge and allow it to sit overnight. Take it out the following day and resume to the second step.


Whipped Coconut Cream


2. Open the can and scoop out the hardened coconut mass that has gathered on the top into a bowl. The coconut water that remains can be used in any recipe that calls for plant-based milk so there is no need to throw this out.


Whipped Coconut Cream

Whipped Coconut Cream


3. Grab either an electric or manual hand mixer and start whisking the mass until you have a smooth cream. I used an electric hand mixer and it took less than 1 minute from start to finish. It will probably take slightly longer if you use a manual hand mixer but it is far from undoable. Serve immediately.

  Whipped Coconut Cream


Any left-overs can be stored in the fridge for up to 1 – 2 weeks. It will firm up a bit yet all you need to do is re-whisk it before serving. It hardly gets any easier than that!



  1. Rach_the_vego says

    this looks like a great alternative to serve with the slowcooker crumble I made last night for dessert – I used your principles for the topping which I made from nuts, coconut, dates and oats. I served it with a silken tofu vanilla cream (using dates to sweeten) and it went well but I think this would work even better!

  2. says

    My son’s first birthday party is tonight…I made your fluffy chocolate cake and I’m making coconut whipped cream to go with it! We were at someone else’s birthday party last night, and all the kids were running around with bright blue sugary icing on their faces. I just can’t stand the thought of giving my son all that fake, processed stuff! So far, he has never eaten any processed foods, or anything with added sugar, oil, or salt. He has loved every recipe of yours that I have made so far! (And even my finicky husband has enjoyed most of them!) Thank you so much for helping me to provide delicious and healthy meals for my family.

    • says

      I am so happy to hear that you and your family are enjoying my site! I agree, I have no idea how parents actually feed their kids so much junk. I grew up eating plenty of processed foods and I felt horrible because of it. At least I know that if I ever have children myself, I will feed them a lot better than what most parents do these days. It is great to hear that you have managed to do that exact thing with your son! :)

  3. says

    Dear Solveig,
    I tried this method recently and it didn’t work :(
    I put the can of coconut milk in the fridge overnight, took out only the hardened mass and whisked it with an electric hand mixer. But I ended up with a watery, clumpy liquid that didn’t look nearly like your coconut cream! :( What did I do wrong?
    Best wishes,

    • says

      It sounds like there might be something wrong with the brand of coconut milk you use! Are you certain that it is full-fat and did the coconut mass harden like in the pictures above?

      • November says

        i know what the problem is! a lot of coconut milk brands put guar gum in their milk which causes this

  4. Lucie says

    Laura, Solveig I have the same problem :( Did not work for me either. I had a lot of solid to start with but ended up with the same result like Laura :( My can says 60% organic coconut, water. But that was the best I could find.

    • says

      Oh no.. You are breaking my heart :(

      Sadly, 60 % coconut sounds awfully like light coconut milk. It has to be completely full-fat (sometimes named coconut cream) other-wise it will not work. You can try looking at asian markets, they usually have it for a fair price!

      • Lucie says

        That’s the last think I want to do!!! Don’t go breaking your heart ;) I’m not giving up that easy so I’ll keep on looking and WILL succeed :) Thanks for this wonderfull blog!

  5. Rach_the_vego says

    Started making the banoffee pie and got the coconut cream out the fridge to skim the fat off and use the water in the caramel bit. Was odd…..identical brand of coconut creams both tins one went rock solid and the other more like thickened cream…..will whip on the night…..hope it works….def looks better than the first lot I used for the oreos though….kept it right in the back of the fridge to firm up….that is my top tip….and for a few days.

    • says

      I hope it all went well! Luckily the banoffe pie can be left in the freezer for a couple of days (even weeks) without going bad. Crossing my fingers the coconut cream works for you!

  6. says

    I’ve been doing some experiments making coconut milk and cream from shredded coconut, the cream separates and solidifies but all I get is a clump when I try to whip it. Fortunately the clump isn’t a total waste, I used it to make ganache for some lovely vegan truffles.

  7. Julie ù says

    This is the greatest alternative to regular whipped cream I ever heard of. I can’t wait to try it! Thank you!

  8. says

    Hello from California, USA. :) I am experimenting with vegan recipes, and I stumbled across your beautiful blog. Such lovely photographs! A question about the coconut whipped cream: do you add the vanilla and salt after you whip the coconut cream, or before? Does it matter? Thanks!

  9. Gina says

    Takk for super oppskrift, du er flink, jeg er imponert:) Mikset kremen med mandler, kakaopulver og dadler. Ble crunchy sjokolademos:)

  10. says

    Hi Solveig. First of all, I really enjoy reading your recipes and I want to eat all of them just by looking at your great photos. I am amazed on the diversity of ideas that you have! Thanks for sharing. My question is if I follow the same procedure for the coconut whipped cream If I just bought two nice and juicy coconuts (one good thing about living in tropical Mexico). I have the water and some of the coconut meat from inside. Any suggestions on how i can use it all? Yesterday I made your pumpkin pie recipe that’s sitting in the fridge and that’s why i got the coconuts.

  11. Liz Bee says

    Fantastic idea!!
    Having my daughter’s first birthday party on Saturday and I’m wondering; would this “frosting” hold up well outdoors?
    It’s not quite cold here in sunny California yet..
    I too wonder how parents can give their kids so much processed/sugary stuff… It blows my mind!

  12. Mariana says

    Trying this recipe soon! I was wondering, how much coconut milk do you use? how much does the can contain?
    Thank you!

  13. Sally says

    Solveig, I was anxious to try this, looking for a vegan whipped cream recipe. I bought full-fat coconut milk in a can, but didn’t get anywhere near 2 cups of whipped cream and it wouldn’t whip as much as yours did. Same problem some others in the states had, it seems. What size is you can of coconut milk and how much fat is in it? Maybe that will help us find the right “stuff”. Thanks, Sally

    • says

      So it seems! The can I use these days contain 400 grams coconut milk all in all, and 16 grams fat pr. 100 grams. Looking back, it might not give a full 2 cups, but certainly 1 1/2! Hopefully this helped a bit and best wishes :)

  14. ana says

    when you say, rewhip after putting in the fridge, but what about when the coconut cream is used on and in the layers of an icebox cake, which needs to soak in the fridge for some hours? will the consistency be ok for this kind of cake?

  15. Desiree says

    do you have any good idea to sweeten this? i meanit really worked well but it tasted to much like cocos for me…and i would like to change the taste in any way somebody could suggest :)

    • fruitopia says

      *blended dates
      *blended berries of your choice, for a fruity flavour
      *maple syrup or agave nectar
      *coconut palm sugar
      *lucuma powder (from a tropical fruit that tastes like caramel, will make the cream beige coloured)
      *carob powder will make the cream brown and taste like chocolate

  16. janet says

    YOU are So amazing — cannot believe that you are merely 17 years old. You must be a ‘crystal child’ or an angel to do what you do. BRAVO — I know this must be very taxing and hard for you to keep it all together. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for what you are doing – for us AND for the animals!!

  17. Victoria says

    Hi! I have just bought coconut milk and I get 250ml for one can is that what you use or is your can bigger ? Thanks for letting me know as I’m about to make the banoffee pie …..

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