Raw Vegan Chocolate Icing

Raw Vegan Chocolate Icing


This icing is the perfect topping for any cake when you want the healthiest alternative available. Using only whole foods (that means no oils, sugars, syrups or agave) it is inarguably healthy. The sole sweetener is dates which provides a lot of healthy carbs, fiber and other vitamins. For more information about this you can read the article I wrote on the health benefits of eating dates here. As you can tell by the pictures here, I used this icing on top of my Raw Vegan Brownies.


This recipe calls for freshly made coconut butter. It is very important that you use freshly made coconut butter, because it will otherwise be completely solid. The only way to use pre-made coconut butter would be to heat it up, which would not make this recipe fully raw anymore. However pre-made coconut butter is absolutely useful in other recipes that are not meant to be raw, and you have the option of melting it if you do not care so much about keeping up the raw label. But without any further a due, here is the recipe!


 Raw Vegan Chocolate Icing
Ingredients, makes enough for 1 medium sized cake:

  • 1 cup dates
  • 1/4 cup raw cacao (cocoa) powder
  • 1/4 cup freshly made coconut butter
  • 3/4 – 1 cup water



  1. Place all the ingredients except for the cacao powder into a food processor, and process until you have a smooth mixture. Start out with using 3/4 cup water and add in more later if it is necessary.
  2. Now add in the cacao powder and pulse until the icing is creaky and smooth. If you want the icing to be slightly thinner, add in another 1/4 cup water for a total of 1 cup. Spread this over any (raw) cake you want and enjoy!


Raw Vegan Chocolate Icing

Raw Vegan Chocolate Icing


Below is another little preview of tomorrow’s recipe, which is a Raw Vegan Brownie recipe. It is made without any oils, sugars, syrups or agave, making it completely healthy as well. I am looking forward to sharing it with you all! (The recipe is up now, and can be found here!)

 Raw Vegan Chocolate Icing


  1. says

    I tried making vegan brownies today- and failed miserably because the recipe I was using called for honey/agave and I didn’t want to use it. (looking back I should have made a date paste!)
    Looking forward to your recipe!

  2. Mirani says

    I think its good to keep in mind that although dates are healthier than sugar etc. it still has LOTS of fructose in it, so go easy on the dates.

    • says

      I slightly disagree there.

      Yes dates are a lot healthier than sugar, but considering how every cell in our body runs on glucose I think sufficient amounts of unprocessed fructose in our diet is vital. I am a huge fan of following a ratio of 80/10/10, where 80% of the daily calories come from carbs (preferably fruit, vegetables and limited starches), 10% from healthy fats and 10% from protein. As long as you are an active person, you should fill up on the fructose. BUT, dates are a lot more compact than other fruits and contain less water, meaning you have to drink additional water to sustain it. I would not advice anyone to only eat dates as their source of fructose, but I think that eating unlimited amounts of fruit and vegetables is the best way to go. Of course, with the addition of some starchy vegetables such as potatoes, some grains such as oats and very limited amounts of nuts and seeds.

      I even have 2-3 days a week when I am a fully raw vegan low-fat high-carber, the remaining days I follow a slightly cooked low-fat vegan diet, and I feel better than ever. But I think in the end, everyone has to find out what works best for them. For some that means eating very high-carb and low-fat, and for others it is eating a more “standard” ratio.

      I think I might have to write a separate post on this soon, since a lot of people keeps asking me about it :)

  3. zuzu says

    This is DELICIOUS! And trust me, when I use capslock, I mean it! :D I just finished your raw brownies (they are awesome as well) and I’m so excited to serve this to my friends! Thank you so much :)

  4. Kenneth Ruff says

    I made this today and it was great! I made a quadruple batch! I have a vitamix blender, so to make the coconut butter more quickly, I took the amount of water I needed (3 cups) and then put it in the vitamix with 1 1/2 cups shredded unsweetened coconut (this may be a slightly inaccurate amount… but I figured it would work either way, considering this is capable of being made without the added coconut) . I blended this on high for about 1 minute and it was a luscious, milky, coconut froth/milk :). So… coconut butter and water all-in-one. I then blended my 4 cups of pitted Halawy dates with 3/4 of the coconut froth/milk and then added the cocoa powder, and blended for another 2 minutes on high (shoving down towards blades as needed) I ended up adding a bit more cocoa powder (1 tbsp) and not using all of the coconut froth/milk. This turned out great! It is in the fridge cooling down now. Thank you! I hope my review gives others a few creative ideas, too!

  5. Ali says

    OMGGGG DELISHHHH!!! I just made the brownies and frosting and doubled the batch because they are soooo good!!!! Thanks for sharing :)

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