The Ultimate Yogi Program l Day 1

I have for a long time been very interested in yoga, but I have always thought that it would not be a hard enough workout for me. However my first introduction to yoga proved me wrong, and it came from perhaps a bit of an untraditional version. Bob Harper's "Yoga For The Warrior" and P90X's Yoga X, were the two primary reasons I got hooked. They are hard, intense, and you finish with a clear mind and a good workout behind you. However these seemed to be the only two yoga dvds I could stand. It seemed to me that all the other yoga instructors were too hippie for me (if you know me in real life, that might be hard to imagine), and filled with men in speedos chanting "namaste" every 10 seconds. 

I wanted a challenge. And now that winter is coming (I watch too much Game of Thrones), it gives me more free time when I am unable to run outside. I know I mentioned in a previous post that we got a brand new treadmill earlier this week, but for some reason I really dislike running inside. One of the best things for me personally when running is the fresh air, and looking at the beautiful scenery with my dog at my side. I will absolutely try to uphold my running a few times a week, but not 5-6 times a week like I do at the moment. I am ready to devote myself to trying out The Ultimate Yogi program

The Ultimate Yogi program is an 108 day program, split into 3 36 day sections, each with it's own focus. It consists of between 60-80 minutes yoga every single day, and 10-30 minutes meditation depending on which phase you are in. If you click on your left you can see the introduction video. The yoga instructor is Travis Eliot, and after seeing the instruction video and doing my first yoga "class", he certainly seemed promising. After looking through their site, and seeing that they also promote a vegan diet, I was sold. I just received my dvd-set that I ordered through, along with the calendar, and I started the program yesterday, 12th of October.

After browsing over the schedule I think that the thing I am going to struggle the most with is the meditation. How long the meditation is supposed to last various from week to week, and is either 10, 20 or 30 minutes each day, depending on the week. Which for me seems like a lot, but I am hoping for the best. Although the program is quite pricy (108$), so far I think it is worth it. I just noticed that they have a discount code going on now that gives you 15% off the program by using the code "FALLSPECIAL". (wish I saw that before I ordered it)

I want to somewhat document my journey through this 108 day program, and do check-ins every month (often if I find it necessary). I also really want to start doing some reviews of my favorite yoga (and workout) dvds. Therefore I have opened a Fitness page, where I will post my workout schedule, as well as some details on Yoga, Running and Strenght Training. Who knows, if I really love the program I might even do a give-away. It would be really incredibly to hear from others if you have looked into getting this program, or if you have completed it already!

(DISCLAIMER: I am not in any way affiliated with any of the names mentioned above, and I bought everything using my own money)

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