Creamy Vegan Corn Casserole

A couple days ago in my recipe for Raw Vegan Spinach Overnight Oats I briefly mentioned that I had managed to forget my camera import cable, so the photos of all of the new recipes I have made here in the US (and trust me, I have made a lot!) are still unavailable. I will buy a new one as soon as I can find it, but until then I dug a bit into my photo archive and saw that this recipe had also not yet been posted. Even though I am not 100% satisfied with how the end result pictures look, it will do until I manage to update them. After all, this casserole is really delicious and can be served as either a side or main dish, and since corn is in season I figured it was a no-brainer to post this. Other than grilling corncobs, this has become one of my favorite ways to serve corn.

Two weeks ago I went corn-picking on a local farm for the first time in as long as I can remember (I think we went corn picking once when I was very young as well), and the timing could not have been more perfect. Lately I have been feeling slightly uninspired when it comes to dinner recipes, and every time that happens, introducing a new vegetable is without a doubt the best way to break out of it. Even though I have loved corn ever since I was a child (I remember whenever we had taco for dinner, my tortillas were always half-filled with corn kernels, because I found them to be so incredibly tasty), cooking with fresh corn was rather new to me.

Now that our freezer is practically filled to the brink with delicious fresh corncobs, I was intrigued to see just what I could make with them. Inspired by my recipe for Crustless Spinach Quiche, this was what I ended up with. Before I used to only eat canned corn, but now that I have tasted the fresh ones I know what I have been missing out on. When you get them fresh they are so much juicier and you can even eat them raw, and picking them yourself is also a lot cheaper. So if you have not done so already, check to see if there are any farms near you that still sell corncobs!

Ingredients, makes 3 servings:


  1. Start by preheating the oven to 200 degrees Celsius/392 degrees Fahrenheit. Now begin rinsing your corncobs thoroughly, before grabbing a knife and slicing them lengthwise removing all of the corn kernels and placing them in a bowl (the actual corncob is not edible, so throw that away when all the kernels are removed). Start chopping up all of the other vegetables, and add them into the bowl as well. You can really use whatever vegetables you like, or have at hand, and it will taste delicious either way. The only vegetables I would be careful adding would be potatoes or other starchy vegetables that might not get cooked properly (carrots will be fine!).
  2. Make the white sauce as written in the separate post, and set aside. In a large lasagna/casserole dish spread all of the vegetables along the bottom of it, before pouring over the white sauce. Give it a nice stir to make sure that everything is covered, and place the casserole into the preheated oven. This should cook anywhere from 30-60 minutes, or until you see that the top layer has become golden and slightly firm.

I hope you enjoyed this recipe as much as my family and I did, and let me know if you usually go corn-picking. And if so, how do you use your fresh corncobs?

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