High-protein Vegan Blueberry Banana Breakfast Parfait

These last couple of days I have been obsessed with having parfait for breakfast. It is such a simple, yet stunning dish, and this particular recipe contains a lot of plant-based protein as well which works wonders after my morning workout. I still cannot seem to find a vegan yogurt out there that is high in protein and does not contain added sugars I decided to make my own using silken tofu as my base. Do not be scared though, I promise it does not taste like tofu.

Traditionally parfait is a cold dessert made with layers of either ice-cream or whipped cream and fruit, but it can be made a more suitable breakfast by adding in a little bit of homemade sugar-free granola and yogurt instead of cream. I have also written a recipe for the more classic dessert parfait that is higher in fat and contains coconut cream, strawberry flaxseed jam and hazelnut granola, and I will post the recipe within the next couple of days.

Ingredients, makes 1 serving:
  1. In a blender/food processor blend together the tofu, banana, vanilla and cinnamon until completely smooth. This will be our yogurt layer. In a tall glass start by placing a 1 inch layer of the tofu yogurt, then an equally big layer of blueberry flaxseed jam, and repeat until you have left 1 inch space on top of the glass. Sprinkle on a few tablespoons of the granola on top, and if you wish you can slice up the remaining 1/2 banana and place on top as well.  

Parfait tastes best when eaten right away, but it holds nicely in the fridge for at least 1-2 days. You can use this tofu banana yogurt just as a regular yogurt as well.

I hope you enjoyed this recipe, and let me know how you liked it!


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