Healthy Vegan Trail Mix Energy Bars

It seems like this will be the week of energy bars for me. I have just gotten obsessed with these delicious little treats, and they are a lot of fun to make. Just yesterday I posted my incredibly simple three-ingredient energy bar recipe, so make sure to check that out after! This recipe is a little bit more fancy, and the flavors is adapted from the ever popular snack: Trail Mix.

Healthy Three-Ingredient Energy Bar

I always make sure to have a small stack of energy bars available that way if I am all out of homemade hummus and I cannot make my usual salad for my school lunch, I can just grab an energy bar and an apple for lunch instead. It is also a great alternative if you are a regular breakfast-skipper, because it is a very compact meal, and easy to grab when running out the door in a rush.

Super Easy Healthy Vegan Bacon

I took it as a challenge when my little sister came up to me and asked if I could be able to make vegan bacon, because she said that was the one thing she missed after cutting out meat from her diet. When thinking over at how I could mimic the taste and texture of bacon, I immediately thought about smoked firm tofu combined with liquid aminos and various spices. Therefore when I stopped by our local health food store I decided to give it a try and bought both liquid aminos and firm tofu. If you cannot get your hands on smoked tofu you can use the regular unflavored kind, but make sure you then add in more seasoning so it does not taste bland. 

Quinoa Salad with Oven-Roasted Sweet Potatoes and Kale

Here you have my favorite quinoa salad recipe, filled with delicious oven-roasted vegetables and baked sweet potatoes making it a very hearty and filling dish. I used red bell pepper, cherry tomatoes, kale and mushrooms as my additional vegetables, but you substitute the vegetables I used to whatever vegetables you have available. Broccoli, zucchini and corn kernels are all great tasting vegetables when oven-roasted. 

Healthy Fusilli Dish with Kale and Toasted Pine-nuts

What is the best thing a vegan can be met by when opening the refrigerator. You might have guessed it, kale. Lots and lots of kale. One of my mother's coworkers have a lot of kale in her garden, and after looking at my blog she kindly offered to give us some. So when my mother came home from work yesterday she had with her a giant bag filled with fresh delicious kale. 

Healthy Chocolate Chip Muffins with Chopped Nuts

One of my family's all-time favorite desserts have always been chocolate chip muffins, and after I decided to not eat gluten I have always been intimidated by recreating this highly loved dish. Whenever you make a diet change and you wish to alter a dish you always get the fear of messing it up, because there are so many memories connected to it. But after the success I had when making my cupcakes with chocolate glaze I figured I could easily use the basic recipe for the muffins and just add in chopped dark vegan chocolate. I love adding in chopped hazel or brazil nuts, because I find just using chocolate gets a bit too heavy for my liking, but this is completely up to your preferences.

Spicy Gluten-free Vegan Patties

This really is a great alternative to the traditional vegan burger/patties based on beans or legumes, however if you where looking for that instead I recommend you check out my kidney bean burger recipe instead. This recipe's foundation is actually buckwheat flour, hummus and oats, yet it contains a lot of seasonings so you could never guess it. 

Simple Sweet Potato Mash

This is a very simple, healthy and relatively quick side dish you can make whenever you usually would usually make regular potato mash. If you are anything like me you love sweet potatoes, and personally I prefer them over regular potatoes anytime. It is something about sweet potatoes that has a so much richer taste, and not to mention it is a lot more nutritious. Sweet potatoes have almost double the fiber content than regular white potatoes, and it contains more beta-carotene, which helps build bones and boosts the immune system

Gluten-free Vegan Cupcakes with Healthy Chocolate Glaze

This is by far the best healthy vegan and gluten-free cupcake recipe you will ever have tried out. Not to mention it is so adaptable. Here I have listed a peanut-banana cupcake with chocolate I made, but if you are in the mood for something a bit different you can just go by the basic recipe, which is by excluding the optional ingredients, and just adding in whatever you are in the mood for. Remember to read the notes at the bottom for more details on how to substitute some ingredients!

Creamy Starch-free Mushroom Soup

Autumn is right around the corner, and I can honestly say that I am so relieved summer is finally over. I have always been weird like that in the way that I really dislike long vacations and hot weather (even though it does not get very hot here in Norway), so when school time comes around I am beyond prepared for it. Something about not having a full schedule is not my preference, and I like having a relatively hectic day to day life.

Another great thing about autumn is that mushrooms is finally in season, and along with my family we can go out to the woods and go mushroom-picking. One of my favorite ways to eat it is by making a nice creamy soup with it. The best thing about this particular soup is that it contains nothing but whole vegetables and spices, therefore no added starches, making it as healthy as possible, surprisingly without sacrificing the thickness of the soup.

Simple Super-Spicy Salsa

This salsa is the perfect spicy addition when making taco, and it tastes so much better than the canned salsas you buy at the store. This sauce can hold in the fridge for at least one week, perhaps two, provided it is stored in an airtight container. For the perfect taco evening simply chop up your favorite vegetables, oven-bake healthy tortilla chips, make homemade guacamole, and cook up TVP mince with taco spice mix!

Basic Gluten-free Vegan Pizza Crust Recipe

This is probably the best pizzas I have had after I went gluten-free. To tell you the truth I have had many failed attempts at making tasty pizzas after going gluten-free and vegan, all of which tasted… well, not good to say it in a nice way. This recipe on the other hand is just perfect. I love thin and crunchy italian-style pizzas and therefore this recipe was enough for 3 large pizzas, but if you prefer the thicker and softer kind of crust then you can easily do this by only making 2 pizzas and slightly altering the cooking time. Just follow the directions written below, use your favorite toppings and enjoy, and make sure to look below for a tasty and healthy filling suggestion!

Healthy Baked Apple with Cinnamon and Vanilla

I felt like I had to give a post on one of my favorite snacks coming fall time, even though it is a really simple recipe. Apples are particularly tasty and perfectly ripe during fall as that is when they are in season. To be honest pink lady apples does not really do the trick for me, I think something about the taste just seems a bit off for me. It does not taste as fresh as the norwegian apples during autumn, preferably grilled on a fire and rolled in cinnamon. But until then, baking them in the oven is an excellent runner-up.

Gluten-free Oat and Apricot Pancakes

This recipe is perfect for those who just run out of the standard vegan products, such as tofu, and it does not require any strange gluten-free flours other than standard oats (make sure they are certified gluten-free if you are allergic). Another great pancake recipe of mine is the almond apple pancakes, which of course is also gluten-free, but uses ingredients that might be a bit harder to get your hands on.

Super Easy Low-fat Potato Fries

My sister loves her fries, and after refusing to make it time after time again, I figured I had to make way to create this a more or less healthy dish. I am, not surprisingly, completely against deep-frying food and eating unnecessary amounts of fat, so I thought this was going to be quite the challenge for me. Then I remembered that I always have my Fry Light Olive Oil Cooking Spray (only 2 kcal per spray), and decided to try only using that instead. If you by any reason do not wish to use low-cal cooking spray, simply pour olive oil into a spray bottle and gradually add in the oil. If doing this you probably need less than what I used! 

Whatever You Have Left In Your Fridge Casserole

I was unsure whether or not I should post this recipe, because just like the name implies, this is just a casserole with every kind of weird things I had in my fridge that needed to be used today, before it went bad. Somehow this combination works out to be incredibly tasty and perfectly seasoned, and you can easily alternate this recipe to suit whatever you have lying around in your fridge. I made some sweet potato mash and steamed vegetables with this, and my family ended up scraping whatever left-overs from the pan.

Simple Salad with Low-fat Hummus Dressing

After declaring my love for hummus in the last post, my homemade hummus recipe, I felt I needed to provide you with some different ways to serve it! Sure, dipping baby carrots in hummus is delicious enough on its own, but for those of you looking for a different option this is the dish for you. Even if you do not like dressing on your salads (I usually hate dressing) this is really tasty, without being too heavy.

Basic Hummus Recipe with Optional Suggestions

I am in love with hummus. I have it every single day, and for those of you who dislike eating vegetables, this is absolutely the dish for you. Just chop up your favorite vegetables, I like bell peppers, cucumber and carrots, dip it in the hummus and enjoy. This also works brilliantly as a salad dressing, just by adding in a few additional ingredients, and the recipe for that will be up within a few days! Even if you have not liked hummus in the past, this will absolutely change your opinion about that. 

Whole Grain Gluten-free Yeast Bread Recipe

Making gluten-free bread was always my biggest challenge in the kitchen, and I would cringe every time I was asked for a good recipe for it. Oh, how the tables have turned ! My entire family love my gluten-free breads so much that they literally attack it as soon as it comes out of the oven, leaving little for me, who is the one that actually cannot eat gluten. I originally adapted this recipe from my basic yeast dough recipe, because I wanted to make a tasty bread that is completely free from refined starches, or in this case potato starch flour. 

Fluffy Gluten-free Chocolate Cake with Healthy Chocolate Frosting

After scrolling through my previous dessert recipes, I found that I had not yet uploaded a basic recipe for a gluten-free vegan fluffy chocolate cake. Most of my desserts tend to be a lot more dense, so I figured I had to try and make a lighter dessert. My little sister was especially pleased when she tasted this, because she prefer this kind of cakes over the more dense and moist ones. I served this just as written, without any optional ingredients, and it was still incredibly delicious. This recipe is for a plain, but flavorful, chocolate cake, but you can look below for the frosting recipe as well as some suggestions on making this more unique!

Vegan Gluten-free Italian Calzone

This recipe is more or less a spin-off version from my samosa recipe. When I was standing in the kitchen wrapping the samosas, my little sister came in and excitedly asked if I was making calzone. I had to disappoint and tell her that I was making samosas, and do not get me wrong here, she ended up loving the samosas, but I promised her that I was going to make calzone for dinner tomorrow. I figured the dough from the samosas would work just as well for the calzone, and sure enough, I was right. There is no bigger confidence booster for me than succeeding in the kitchen, hehe.