Recipe Help: Conversion Tables

Recipe Help: Conversion Tables



Do you see that thing in the background? Yes that proverbial elephant that I have ignored for the last 3 years of blogging.

the food scale

*dramatic music ensures*


Ok, I will stop being so flippant. This post is seriously long overdue. I have put off getting a food scale for what seems like forever for no reason other than sheer procrastination. It’s just so easy to grab a cup, dunk it in the flour container and say that’s that. Horribly inaccurate though. So I have rolled up my sleeves, busted out the scale, grabbed my go-to ingredients and put together some conversion tables.


It’s highly ironic actually, considering how my very first recipes were made using a scale and listed in grams. Baking in particular requires a lot of precision and like it has been pointed out to me, there is not even an international standard for what 1 cup is. Still, I will continue to list all the recipes in cups for my fellow flour dunking chefs, now only with the addition of grams as well. Yay for versatility!


It probably does not even need saying that I am not able to go back and edit grams into every recipe I have posted prior to this, but luckily it is for the most part the same ingredients used over and over again.

Therefore I hope these conversion tables will come in handy!

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