Homemade Raw Unsweetened Almond Milk ~ Step-by-Step Photo Tutorial

As you might have seen by my previous recipes, I have been an avid user of unsweetened soy milk. I have always known that it is a processed food but I would not really classify it as "unhealthy",but after embarking on The Ultimate Yogi program (read about it in this post), I was inspired to start cutting down my consumption of processed foods even if it is not deathly harmful for my health. And when it is actually tastier and cheaper than the store-bought plant-based milks, it is obvious that you have to try this out.

Yeast-free Gluten-free Whole Grain Pizza Dough (Vegan)

I am usually a pretty patient person when it comes to cooking, but when my sister requested pizza for dinner and it was already 6 o'clock, I had no desire to start making my Basic Gluten-free Pizza Crust because it contains yeast. As you know, when a recipe is yeast-based you have to let it rise twice for about 40-60 minutes each time. And to be honest after making this, I absolutely prefer this recipe. It is not only easier to work with and a lot quicker, but also so much tastier (and healthier, yaaay!).

The Ultimate Yogi Program l Day 1

I have for a long time been very interested in yoga, but I have always thought that it would not be a hard enough workout for me. However my first introduction to yoga proved me wrong, and it came from perhaps a bit of an untraditional version. Bob Harper's "Yoga For The Warrior" and P90X's Yoga X, were the two primary reasons I got hooked. They are hard, intense, and you finish with a clear mind and a good workout behind you. However these seemed to be the only two yoga dvds I could stand. It seemed to me that all the other yoga instructors were too hippie for me (if you know me in real life, that might be hard to imagine), and filled with men in speedos chanting "namaste" every 10 seconds. 

Healthy Vegan Cauliflower Cream Cheese

You can easily say that my little sister has an obsession with cheese. Seriously, she used to refer to herself as a cheesetarian. However since she is currently vegetarian (sometimes into veganism), I wanted to show her that you can make vegan cheese completely from scratch. The base of this particular recipe is pine nuts, but you can probably use cashews that you have soaked in water for preferably 2 or more hours. 

Vegan Whole Grain Gluten-free Crispbread / Knekkebrød

For the longest time I have wanted to make some crispbread that was vegan, gluten-free AND whole grain. Even though I love my previous bread recipes (both the regular and whole grain one), it is sometimes a bit too time consuming making it. Since both of the recipe are made with yeast, it takes quite a long time kneading, rising, rising again before finally being able to bake them. Odds are I have to come up with a soda bread recipe, hopefully very soon. 

Healthy Vegan Gluten-free PB Banana Pancakes

Well today, 10th of October, is the day I turn 17. Jeez, I feel so old. Just one short year away from becoming of age and by then I will soon finish high school. I am lucky enough to start late today, so before breakfast I started the day with a 10 km run on our brand new treadmill. Usually I prefer running outside, but it is starting to become really cold here in Norway, especially during the morning which is when I prefer running. Anyways, after my morning workout I headed off to the kitchen as usual. To stay true to tradition (despite the fact that it is a weekday) we had to have a birthday breakfast, yet it had to be made quickly, since the rest of my family were off to work and school early today. This is very quickly made, and amazingly delicious. 

Dead-Simple Vegan Quinoa and Chickpea Curry

I for one is a sucker for dishes that contain quinoa, chickpeas and kale. It is by far my favorite high-protein combination, and whenever I am clueless as for what to make for dinner, this is my savior. It is quickly made, tasty, and very nutritious (nothing beats that, right?). The quinoa and chickpeas adds protein and complex carbohydrates, and the vegetables adds lots of essential vitamins and minerals. Did you know that quinoa, because it contains all the 8 essential amino acids, is one of the few foods that is considered to be a complete protein, and that it is also rich in iron and calcium. If that alone did not convince you to start swallowing this down, the fact that quinoa is incredibly tasty does not hurt either.

Healthy Vegan Gluten-free Banana Bread with Serving Suggestions

Against my father's wishes, the kitchen in our rental apartment in New York now smells like delicious banana bread and cinnamon. Its practically wafting through the entire room, and I find it to be a truly delicious scent. My family is very torn when it comes to banana bread. I like it just fine. My father hates it. My little sister loves it. My mother likes most desserts, this being no exception. Needless to say, I do not think that banana bread is for everyone. I guess if you are not a fan of baked bananas in general this is not the dish for you (though if you are on the fence about it you might like the chocolate or dried fruit version).